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Located in Knoxville, Iowa
One Eleven Public House Kitchen + Drink
a purveyor of American dining

Public house is the true name for a community gathering space, and we are a neighborhood public house! We specialize old school classic craft cocktails, regional craft beer, bold wines & sexy comfort food! We started as most small businesses, with grit, guts and determination. Mindi & Scott built One Eleven PH from the ground up, ask them, they'll tell you the WHOLE story.  

Mindi Sudman has lived all over but Iowa is her base and the foundation of which she was created. She has been in the service industry since 1983 - HyVee Deli, almost every teenager from Iowa can relate to that experience. Mindi's focus was working for locally owned and operated small businesses, learning, living, raising her two boys while finishing college with a double major in marketing and finance. She gained invaluable knowledge and a know-how attitude to do what she always knew she would - to have her own joint! Her greatest mentors and the people she looks up to most, are from successful locally owned small restaurants and, in her opinion, THE WORLD, Suz & Mike Wedeking, The Flying Mango,  Jesse Roush, an icon to many, creating the famous "Jesse's Embers" & Jerry Talerico & Marty Baedaro from the OG Sam & Gabe's! Mindi has had many "jobs" but only one she felt truly at home in, the service industry. Without service to others we cannot succeed together. One Eleven is an amalgamation of everything learned and experienced over the last 35+ years and she WELCOMES you and yours! 

Scott Ziller hails from Ankeny, Iowa! Moving to Knoxville in 2001. Scott has many interests and experiences. If you've heard the "jack of all trades" quote, he's it! However, have you heard the full quote? "A jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than the master of one." Is more his definition! He adds depth and creation to One Eleven Public House. As an OG cofounder and former co-owner of Peace Tree Brewing Co., he brought the experience of starting a business from scratch, and buying and creating a space within a small footprint. He also brings the business side (Mindi does NOT want to deal) regarding the underbelly of the many insurance & licensing's needs of any business but especially businesses serving alcohol and serving the community. He is the co-owner of McKay Insurance and is one of the largest brewery insures, in the Midwest, creating platforms & policy for many. He is kind, patient & and just an overall good HUMAN!

Mindi & Scott welcome you to One Eleven PH. We could NOT do this without your love & support. We appreciate you and will work tirelessly to create a space Knoxville and the surrounding area needs and deserves.

love + light

mindi + scott

One Eleven Public House
Kitchen + Drink

111 E Main Street, Knoxville,  Iowa 50138            Please call 641.828.8813 for reservations with parties of 5 or more

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