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1.  BUSCH LITE (try a can for now)

2. Singlespeed Brewing Co., Cedar Rapids, IA Raspberry PUNCH fruited sour

3. Big Grove Brewing Co., Iowa City, IA - Citrus Surfer wheat ale

4. Big Grove Brewing Co., Iowa City, IA - Easy Eddy IPA

5. Convergence Cider Works, Decorah, IA - Wander Harvest Semi-Sweet Cider 

6. Franklin Street Brewing Co., Manchester, Ia - Mango Fett IPA Hazy 6.3% (new englad)

7. Gezellig Brewing Co., Newton, IA - Jam on Gluten Free Sour 5% (fruited sour_

8. Confluence Brewing Co., Des Moines, IA - Hill Hopper Pale Ale

9. Gezellig Brewing Co., Newton, IA - Lucky Irish Red Ale 4.8%

10. Avery Brewing Co., Boulder, Co., - Clear Horizons, IPA - American Style 7.1%

11. ReUnion Brewing Co., Coralville, IA - Trilla in Amarilla Hoppy Wheat (so good)

12. Guinness Nitro - Delicious, daily drinker, stouts are for everyday! 4.2% OUT

13. Toppling Goliath Brewing Co., Decorah, IA - King Sue Imperial DBL IPA 7.8% 




1. Confluence Brewing Co., Des Moines Milkman Stout

2. Three Floyds Brewing, Chicago, IL - Gumballhead American American Pale Wheat 

3. Hare & Hawk Ciderworks, Monroe, IA - Heritage Semi-Dry 7%

4. Toppling Goliath, Decorah, IA - Double IPA Happy Hour

5. Confluence Brewing Co., Capital Gold Lager Ale

6. Coming Soon

7. Coming Soon

8. Coming Soon

9. Montucky Brewing, Bozeman, MT - Cold Snack Lager 4% (daily drinker) 

10. SingleSpeed Brewing Co., Cedar Rapids, IA - Gable Munich Style Helles Lager(light) 5% 

11. Odell Brewing Co., Fort Collins, CO - Allkind Hard Kumbucha Tropical Turmeric 6.5%

12. Odell Brewing Co., Fort Collins, CO - Allkind Hard Kumbucha Super Berry 6.5%

Retro Cans

1. PBR

2. Hamms

3. Budweiser

4. Miller High Life

5. Coors Banquet (OUT)

Non Alcoholic Cans

Athletic Brewing Co., LITE

Athletic Brewing Co., Run Wild IPA

St. Pauli Girl


Champagne Margarita
tequila, triple sec, champagne
Champagne Mule
vodka, champagne, simple syrup, ginger beer, lime juice
Side Car
bourbon, triple sec, lemon juice, simple syrup 
The Boulevardier
bourbon, sweet vermouth, campari

Amaretto Sour
amaretto, lemon juice, simple sryup, over ice

Classic Martini
gin, dry vermouth, olives
gin, lime juice, served up
White Lady
gin, triple sec, lemon juice, served up
The Rickey
gin or bourbon, simply sryup, lime juice, club soda, served over ice
French 75
gin, simple sryup, lemon juice, presseco, chilled neat

Old Fashion
bourbon (rye), muddled orange&cherry, dash of bitters splash of club soda, over ice



​Decoy Pinot Noir (Mindi's fav, daily drinker, pairs with any protien, can't go wrong)

Canyon Road Cabernet (solid cab for a cab drinker)

Conundrum Red Blend (matches all reds for flavor & boldness without the heavy tannin)


Red or Rose


Orlana Vinho Verde (this is summer in your mouth, easy drinking crisp with a hint of apples)

Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio (light and breezy with a hint of fruit)

Conundrum White Blend (a great add to any meal, perfect blend)

Edna Valley Chardonnay ( a buttery touch with a clean finish)


Summer Water (mellow with a great summer taste)

Fun For All Occassion

Presecco Splits

Bellini - raspberry, pineapple, oj or cranberry


Front of House Saff

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