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Wine by the Glass

Canyon Road Chardonnay 7 / 26

Organic The Wonderful Wine Chardonnay 8 / 28

Conundrum White Blend 8 / 28

Canyon Road Sauvignon Blanc 7 / 26

Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio 7 / 26

Cupcake Moscato 7 / 26 (bit of fizz & light)


Conundrum Rose 8 / 28


Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon 7 / 26

Conundrum Red Blend 8 / 28

Decoy Pinot Noir 8/28

OP Tempranillo 7/26





Pasbt Blue Ribbon Pilsner - who the hell knows where it's brewed, it's PBR!

Gezellig Brewing Co., Newton, IA - Hibiscus & Blackberry Sour 5% (sooooo good)

Confluence Brewing Co., Des Moines, IA Capital Gold Lager 5.2% (light & flavorful)

Confluence Brewing Co., Des Moines, IA - Fools Gold Lager 4.9% (light, lime & a hint of chili)

Big Grove Brewing Co., Iowa City, Ia - Arms Race American Pale Ale 6% (hoppy)

Lake Time Brewery, Clear Lake, IA - Oreo Speedwagon 5.6% (Stout)


Confluence Brewing Co., Des Moines, IA - Hill Hopper Pale Ale 5.7% (hoppy)

Exile Brewing Co., Des Moines, IA - Ruthie Lager 4.9% (light)

Cigar City Brewing, St. Petersburgh, FL. - Jai Lai IPA 7.5% (hoppy)

Fishback & Stephenson Cidery, Fairfield, IA - First Crush Watermelon 4.15% (pink & melted jolly rancher)

SingleSpeed Brewing Co., Cedar Rapids, Ia - Zach's Mexican Donuts Oatmeal Stout 5.6% (dark)


Exile Brewing Co., Des Moines, Ia - Tres Leches Milk Stout 5.5% (sweet dark) 


Oskar Blues Brewery, Longmont, Co. - Wild Basin Seltzer Lime 5.0% (hard seltzer)

​Guinness Irish Stout 4.2% (stout)


Gezellig Brewing Dopptoberfest 8% - SALE $4 a can

The obvious choice in our minds was a nice chewy German Doppelbock. It scratches that same malt-forward itch while cranking it up a couple notches. Big rich caramel, toasted fig, and marshmallow notes make it dangerously easy to drink

Bearded Iris Brewing, Nashville, TN - Homestyle NEIPA 6% (hoppy, Mindi's fav)

Juicy single-hopped IPA packed full of Mosaic hops!

Breaded Iris Brewing, Nashville, TN - Tunnel Vision Case 6.8%

Focus, Focus. This IPA showcased blurred-edge mouthfeel, multilayers juiciness. (hoppy)

Schells Brewing & Fair State Brewing Co. Collab, Union Lager 5.2% (light)

This Lager is crisp, easy to drink, and super crushable.

Modern Times Brewing - San Deigo, CA Orderville NEIPA 7.2% (hoppy)

The hop schedule features prominent Mosaic along with a wide assortment of piney, resinous varieties, resulting in a beautiful hop saturation that carries through from aroma to finish

More Brewing Co., Huntley, IL Agra Strawberry/Kiwi Seltzer 5% (light)

It's a selzter! Go for it!

Gezellig Brewing Catnip for Brewers 6.1%

A dry hopped farmy boi built with true farmhouse intentions. It's a cool saison yeast blend, plus a whole bunch of citra. It'll tame the cat within all.

Big Grove Brewery Easy Eddy IPA 6%

The Official Beer of Everything, Easy Eddy showcases big tropical aromatics of pineapple and mango.

Singlespeed Brewing Co., Victory Dance 6.7% 

A tropical, citrusy, floral blend of hops brings you hints of apricot, peach and grapefruit. Crisp and refreshingly refreshing.

West O Brewing Co., Punk'd Pie 6.5% SALE $4 a can

Pumpkin & Yam belgium style ale - all the fall feels right here in one glass! 


Singlespeed Brewing Tip the Cow 6.2%

Here is your shot. This full bodied, creamy, Milk Stout has been touched by the gentle hand of Sidecar Coffee Roasters. A rich, but smooth option, boasting notes of roast and cocoa right alongside velvety sweetness

Gezelig Brewing Co., Sippin' on Hops & Juice IPA 5.25%

Joe Kesteloot's first beer brewing with Gezellig! Woot. Deliciousness in a can. Joes knows his hops and in this beer you'll get a big mouth feel without the high ABV. Drink it now!

Singlespeed Brewing Gable Lager - Helles 5%

We’ve crafted a beer much more approachable than adversaries found Dan to be on the mat. Clean, crisp and GOLD! 

St. Pauli Girl N/A $5


Classic Cocktails

  • Breakfast Margarita - Tequila & Mindi's secret mix

  • Manhattan – Bourbon, Whisk(e)y, Rye

  • Salty Dog - Vodka & grapefruit w salted rim

  • Martini – Vodka or Gin - clean or dirty

  • Long Island – Vodka, Gin, Rum & Tequila

  • Dark & Stormy - Rum and a pirate

  • Moscow Mule - Vodka and mules

  • Smoke & Fire Margarita – Tequila & Ancho Chili Liqueur 

  • Whisky Sour – Bourbon, Whisk(e)y or Rye

  • Old Fashion – Bourbon, Whisk(e)y or Rye

  • Negroni – Gin, Aperol, sweet vermouth

  • Gin Fizz - Gin, egg, sparkling water, lemon juice, cream

  • Bloody Mary - Vodka & Mo Mix

  • Bellini – Prosecco & OJ

  • French 75 – Gin & Prosecco

  • Bourbon Lift – Bourbon, Kahlua, cream

  • Sazerac – Whisk(e)y (rye), Absinthe, bitters & sugar

  • Rob Roy – Scotch, sweet vermouth, bitters  

  • Rusty Nail – Scotch, Drambuie

  • Godfather – Scotch, Amaretto

  • Robert Burns – Scotch, Absinthe, Sweet Vermouth

  • Gibson – Vodka or Gin

  • Gimlet – Vodka or Gin